College Admissions Essay: Immigrants

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The first time I arrived to this nation, I landed at the city of New York, where countless of immigrants, like me, once entered, what was and is known as, the land of opportunity. I’ve come to think that Ellis Island, the gateway to millions of immigrants to the United States, has remained in tact over the years to remind us that this nation was built and made what it is today by immigrants. The hurdles of being new to this nation approached life in different colors, forms and shapes. My English was undoubtedly limited and the few words that I could grasp did not allowed me to even sustain a conversation based on simplistic small talk. Life in the city of New York wasn’t so great, during the first months my parents and I lived in a cramped, antiquated bedroom and it made it difficult for us to have a sort of normal life—even though, till this day, I question the real definition of what a “normal life” is supposed to be? For three years, I thought of my life here as lugubrious. I nostalgically missed my mountains, my family, my friends, my old life. The sole thought and yearn that constantly swirled through my head was the thought of returning home, Colombia. I went to high…show more content…
My utilization of the English language and my lexicon improved as I devoured book after book—I wouldn’t say it is the most polished English, but it allows me to be understood and to express myself in another tongue other that my native language. Besides, if you really desire to master something, you ought to practice, practice, practice and that is exactly what I do. As for the city, well, I’m accustomed to rude people, piercing noises and extreme temperatures. But some obstacles can overthrow the pillars that sustain your self-confidence, your sense of going forward and misguide you. For me, it was being
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