College Admissions Essay: Moving Away From College

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Graduating college would make most of them proud, but there are some I know who would feel threatened and there would be negative feelings being produced. These feelings and insecurities, even if they are not prominent, would in turn cause many things to go wrong between us. They would focus more on trying to be better than me in order to assert that they are more than capable than on maintaining our friendship. Graduating from college is a sign of moving up in social status, or the progress in doing so, and can generate rivalry. While it could be used to inspire others to attend college, it mainly poses a threat to their pride, and it greatly affects the friendship, as they often turn bitter.
Rising up the social class ladder will most definitely change an individual’s personality, especially if it is done through the means of prestige. Those who gain property, prestige, and power at once are those who tend to have the most drastic of personality changes. With wealth and status comes new norms and values. Changing to meet those norms and values are where the personality change is
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Some of these resources are time, energy, connections, and money. I have to watch my little sister 's, as it is cheaper and, therefore, don’t have a ton of time to further apply myself to jobs, school, aspirations, and my health. Keeping up with all of these leads to a great deal of stress and requires energy, and I am often too tired to take on anymore. Being a middle class family, I don’t have many powerful connections that would help me with achieving my dreams and further my career. The setback of all setbacks is the money. The lack of money is what requires me to work even harder to even get close to becoming successful in moving up in social class. I must work for this money, and it is a disadvantage as those with time and money can achieve success at a much faster
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