College Admissions Essay: Moving To America

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Many people are raised up by the idea that the society they live in always needs more adjustment, and other people around them are not always friendly. I am also one of those people. Since I was little, I was taught by my father not to trust anyone around, and not to pay too much effort into any kind of relationship. Even though I might not necessarily agree with him, I still followed his advice for years. However, I always ended up feeling lonely and depressed. When my family decided to move to America when about three years ago, I got to experience depression for the first time. Everyone around me seemed to be so unfamiliar and cold. I didn’t speak the same language that most of the people speak in my school, and we had different culture and shared different beliefs. I found no one to trust and talk to. My father’s word kept being played in my mind. “Don’t trust anyone. You are only a girl from a foreign country to them. No one really cares about you, especially when you go to college and stay in the U.S by yourself.” Every day when I got to school, I had all kinds of negative feelings filling in my mind. I thought I was not welcomed. Every time I spoke English with an accent, I thought everyone must be laughing inside. Yet, I was proved to be wrong by the most wonderful people around me.…show more content…
I was so shocked that I did not know what I should say to thank her but kept nodding my head. At that moment, I was not only feeling grateful for having such a wonderful and caring teacher, I also felt so sorry for how I thought everyone around was cold and careless. Finally, I thanked her and we hugged. On my way to the orientation, I could not stop crying, but it was not because I was sad. It was because I found there were so many kind people around me, I just never spent the time to discover them. It is almost for the very first time since I came to America that I felt my heart was filled with
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