College Admissions Essay: Moving To College

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When I moved to America my senior year, I had a notion about the efforts I had to put into reaching American collegiate standards. After all, I just moved from Yemen, no matter how much I was able to prepare for the States, I was still working with ambiguous requirements. Nonetheless, having to take the SAT’s, some AP’s, and fill my resume with extracurricular was hrelatively hectic, but manageable. Essentially, after nine months, I was able to grow a sense of what it took to get into an American college. However I was reminded I couldn 't be picky. “Just get into a school”, my godfather would remind me, and a school I got into indeed.

I was grateful that I got admitted to a college, but I was still indifferent about where I went since it was not my choice. Therefore, I did not care for much but my schoolwork and readings, hence I signed up for seven courses. As I walked towards my first chemistry lecture, patting myself on the back for being an “overachiever”, I thought that that this was the first day of my towards my job. Little I knew that my unscathed bubble of perfection would turn that overachievement into a soul grave. In my life, the failures I faced were minimal to none. By all means, I
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As I specialise, I want to humanise; to delve into literature and philosophy. I read a lot when I 'm not trying to deliver the best of my abilities in class. Which brings me to my third point; I want to be within a group of people that are passionate. Thinkers I can think and follow Socratic methods with, and question what we know to be reality. The University of New Haven has definitely offered me the chances to find myself; if it was not for UNH, I would not have been able to make all these thoughts tangible. Certainly, UNH may be able to deliver what I 'm looking for as many of my peers see so, but personally, I do not. Nonetheless, it has indeed set dimensions to my
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