College Admissions Essay: My Decision To Come Back Home

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As my time in Pennsylvania is coming to an end, it is leaving me with a bittersweet taste in my mouth. I still stand by my decision to come back home, although I didn 't have to, and I am proud of myself for sticking it through. When I left over a year ago I left behind a lot of unresolved issues and as a person I was not fond of. I left fragments of friendships, a false entitlement, a whole boat load of drama, a drunken stupor, and tons of empty hopes and goals. I chose to come back to PA to tackle these things head on and right my wrongs, grow from my mistakes and, make amends with others and myself. I knew in the months before that none of it was going to be easy and I tried my best to be prepared for the lions den that I was throwing myself…show more content…
I have held my head up and I have taken the high road each and every time that I have been lashed at or belittled or downright demeaned. I did this not because I feel it is what I deserve, but because I recognize that although I can 't change the action, I can choose how I handle it. I know my worth and I no longer look for it in the people and the city that tried to sentence me to a life of misery solely because I lost my way a long time ago. I am a damn good person and I won 't grant anyone the power to make me loose sight of that. All in all, coming back home has opened my eyes to a lot and has left me with lessons I could have only learned in doing so. Going back down South, I am taking with me all of the pieces of myself that I thought were long since buried in my mistakes; my dignity, my confidence, my hope and ambition. Self forgiveness is a powerful thing and it took me a long time to realize that that was perhaps what I was lacking all along. The person I was is not someone I can be proud of but she did lead me to becoming the best version of myself that I can be and because of those lows, I can now fully appreciate all that I am today. My regrets and embarrassment that coincide with PA are a thing of my past and I can say confidently that I have made peace with

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