College Admissions Essay: My Dream Of Playing Baseball

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Born and raised in Philadelphia I had that competitive city kid attitude. I was different though which made me more competitive from the rest. If it was as simply as someone walking next to me on the sidewalk towards the street I would still wanna beat them there. I never lost that instinct and I am proud of it. Being the best at anything and everything is my goal. I've been playing baseball since I was four and I don't take the sport lightly. I've led many teams to championships, winning awards also to go along with it. My teammates and I both look at me as the captain of the team. If we lose I look at myself and what I could have done better to help the team. Baseball is my life and my passion and I want to play the sport as long…show more content…
This drought lasted a few years. After winning back to back to back championships in Philadelphia I never won in Florida. I did everything I could putting my health and well-being on the line to help my team but it wasn't enough. High school time was coming up and I couldn't be more excited to play baseball at this level. After all I always wanted to be a professional ball player so I knew this was the beginning. High school baseball was the real deal to me! Everyday after school I would have practice for 3 hours, I would come home exhausted! I felt like all of this work was for nothing. Game after game of being benched and not able to show off my talent was getting to my head. My whole life of being the all star slowly vanished away. I felt like I didn't stand out anymore. Every time I got an opportunity to play I would seize the occasion and show out. For some reason this wasn't enough to show the coaches how good I am. I was tired of putting in so much work to be benched behind the coaches “favorites”. So after three years of barely playing I felt like I need a change in environment. Moving back to Philadelphia wasn't a dream anymore it was a

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