College Admissions Essay: My Failure In High School

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By Senior year of high school, not many can say they have held the highest honors possible since kindergarten and genuinely worked for it too. In fact, most people scoff, deem it an overachiever 's status to do so, as if it is unthinkable or vaguely impossible. However, as a self-proclaimed overachiever I can proudly add myself to the esteemed honorable list. This accomplishment of mine did not come easily and if it had not been for one accomplished “failure” in Kindergarten, it may have never happened at all. How can one day of kindergarten possibly impact the rest of my academic life? Growing up, I was an odd character. I loved nothing more than school and constantly ached to shove newly learned knowledge into my brain; so much so, that on holidays, weekends, or sick days, I would cry that I was missing out on my important education. I would not think about naps and playgrounds and fortunately for five year old me, my school started teaching us science and social studies and math early on. I would rush home with my book bag swinging, looking forward to the time spent on homework and review. Looking back on it, school showed me that when I was dedicated to something, I was unstoppable – until I wasn 't. Months passed and the school handed out pre-report cards to let parents know how their children were doing. “A” repeatedly showed down my list, nothing unexpected or unusual,…show more content…
Where I stand now, I can no longer look at the kindergarten apocalypse as a failure, but instead an accomplishment for when being stuck in between a rock and a hard place, I learned that I am capable of preserving. I learned that I don 't accept failure, I take that mistake and learn from it and use it to fuel the ambition that lurks inside me. I used every bad event in my past to strengthen my future. I am human, a lover of learning and sometimes, I need
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