College Admissions Essay: My Goals At NHS

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1. Please describe any and all significant goals you would like to accomplish while here at UCI.* I have many pivotal and distinguish goals I endeavor to reach; all are intended to help me leave UCI further knowledgeable and self-assured. My background and atmosphere has heavily contributed to formulating certain goals and fuel me to work arduously to accomplish them. I will be the first in my family to ever attend a university, which really petrifies me. Consequently, I am committed to make my parents proud thus I have established several challenging objectives such as: to graduate with honor, to academically thrive in college and to finish in 4-years. I also desire to conduct research, to study aboard and to earn A’s during my first freshman quarter. Coming from a difficult high school experience I want to penetrate my timid and insecure boundaries and make friends, in hopes to reach my composite goal, to leave a memorable landmark at UCI and to create unforgettable experiences with others. 2. Describe a role model or figure you look up to today and explain why you look up to them* I do not…show more content…
I am concerned that my high school experience might repeat, I never had a best friend in high school to associate with and every lunch when I didn’t have a club meeting I would hide in the library. I am frightened that I would not adjust to the heavy and rigorous demand for a college student. I consider English as one of my weakest subjects, I believe I lack from a strong English preparation and think this weakness might detain me from succeeding. I am preoccupied that I will not be able to pay the college fee by myself and will have to involve my parents in my heavy financial burden. I know that the Antleader Mentorship Program will provide important guidance and connection that will help alleviate my concerns and assist to pave my road to my
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