College Admissions Essay: My Immigrants To The United States

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My family has always been the center of my universe. They’ve taught me the importance of being united and taking care of one another—because in the end, all we truly have is each other. My parents have raised me to be a good daughter, sister, and citizen. They’ve shaped me to be respectful, responsible, and virtuous, knowing these values will last a lifetime. But above all, my parents have instilled in me an appreciation and eagerness for education. My parents immigrated to the United States from Mexico City in the 1990s but with distinct educational backgrounds. My mother had graduated from the best public university in Mexico with a licentiate in social work, but after years of working in this field, found her job to be more depressing than satisfying. My father, on the other hand, dropped out of college in Mexico and chose to immediately enter the workforce rather than continue education in the US, and over the years this decision has caused him many issues with finding suitable employment. The financial instability brought on by my parents’ lack of…show more content…
Mine have simply taught me to appreciate the value in education. Since early childhood, they’ve strongly urged me to prioritize school above all else and to learn from their mistakes, not wanting me to struggle as they did. My father has made me realize the importance in pursuing a higher education—it’s the best way to truly be successful and be able to give my family the life they deserve. From my mother I’ve learned the significance of pursuing a career that I will truly enjoy, since it is presumably what I will spend the rest of my life doing. Thanks to my parents, not only have I been university-bound since I was a toddler, but I’ve also genuinely enjoyed learning. It is because of them that I aspire to be a college graduate, ready to head out into the world and help others while making my parents
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