College Admissions Essay: My Passion For Me

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I believe that I am unique in a very unoriginal way. While majority of my friends have a mindset to quickly finish their studies to be able to work and start their career, I don’t think the same way. My passion for knowledge, eager to learn, and strive for excellence is something that I know since I was a kid. The desire to always learn something new can be clearly seen through my attitude that is curious about something new and unique, always research on something I don’t understand, asking my surroundings including my parents and brothers, and learn as much as possible. A simple example that comes in my mind is when I was 12 years old, my brother showed me that he can solve a rubik’s cube. I was surprised and at the same time, I committed to myself that I had to be able to do it too. With my brother’s help, I finally managed to remember all the tricks within 2 days and solve the rubik’s cube for less than a minute. I believe my persistence and passion for knowledge has allowed me to become more confident in myself, and in the work I do. Other than that, my optimistic attitude has shaped me into who I am now and who I will be.…show more content…
Knowing that passion, my dad bought a DSLR camera for me to use and explore. I feel that every photos that I took help me to keep the memories and make moments last. Not only for my personal satisfaction, but also to help others keep their memories through photos. My interest in photography keeps growing even until I decided to go to Singapore to continue my
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