College Admissions Essay: Past, Present, And Future

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We must acknowledge that there will be times where we lose our position, only to realize where we stand. Growing up life seemed hard, but now I realized how amazing it was; I had a family who loved me and I was never seen different (discriminated), I was always told I had four very impart jobs: have respect for people even if I didn’t like them, do good in school, always ask questions and never forget where I came from, little did I know I realized where I came from after I left. When I came to the United States of America, New York became a dream, but we must all wake up and stop dreaming; I did after my mother past away a year after I’ve arrived. The world became gray, for I was very downhearted and life felt like death because of all the…show more content…
Now I was still proud of where I came from however my life soon became more challenging, but how could I have stop fighting? I understood than the future could always change, but the past was already in for the long haul. Time went on and Elementary past, so did middle school then senior year came and little did I know that the past could become tomorrow 's; just another day where the past could live. My social status feed off of my success because the more I achieved, the more being undocumented came in my way. I felt as if my whole life was like walking in black ice and like a clock, time will repeat and so will my days.
I realize that every other day is similar, not the same. I noticed when you’re living in the moment your future becomes a gift; we call this the present. We may plan everything we will like to have; but like a Christmas list nothing is promised, some may call this fouls hope others such as myself will call this life. I know I could change my future; do something meaningful with my life. If there isn’t a way I must make one, not for myself but for the people of tomorrow. I have yet to realize that we are fated to believe that we have free will. I am be one person but my voice speaks not for one but for
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