College Admissions Essay: Personal Identity

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As a half Filipino and Caucasian biracial women, I found it difficult to find my identity. Growing up, I’ve always been surrounded by the Caucasian side of my family and was never in touch with my Filipino background. Having no connections from my Filipino side of my family, I felt like I only knew half of who I was. It was not until I became a high school student, where I finally had the chance to be a part of my Filipino culture by joining my school’s Filipino club. I had the chance to work with students who gave me a better understanding of the Filipino customs and traditions. During our school events, we shared some of the Filipino dishes our club prepared such as lumpia, and chicken adobo. We would also arrange dance performances such as the famous tinikling and more. Not only did participating in this club help find the part of me I was once blind to, but the club made me feel as if I was apart of a family that helped me grow more as a person. I am proud to say that even though I am no longer a high school student, I continue to be a part of this club as not only a club member, but an active leader striving to enlighten others of this beautiful…show more content…
Even though I may not be apart of another culture or religion, I strongly believe that understanding other people’s values and beliefs will build more communities strong enough to make significant change for the better. Not only will Western Washington University gain a student who has acquired the knowledge of her own culture, but WWU will also gain a student who actively engages and supports the awareness of other cultures as well. As an artist, I strive to gain more perspective from others which influence the art that I create. With the diverse community WWU has to offer me, my understanding of others thoughts and ideas will help how I will be able to speak to society through my
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