College Admissions Essay: Reasons Of Going To College

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Reasons of going to College Having a good education is very important in people’s life. Therefore, it asks a lot of sacrifices. A good educational background is an important factor in this society. Nowadays, even people with a college degrees suffer from the economic system. The society has become more exigent. In order to be successful in this society its to have a degree. Anyone who wants to have a decent life has to have a career that could help better in achievements of people’s dream. However, to have a better I realize that I have to have a degree that could lead me with more opportunities and have a balance life so I decided to go to college. Since I was in my country I always dreamed to have a degree which I can survive with. Therefore, I had studied to become an administrator but I didn’t have any chance to finish. I came to the United States five years ago, I went to school then I stop due to some problems that I had. I found a job at the airport where I supposed to work at five in the morning and for a miserable of eight dollars. I didn’t have any car at that time. In order for me to buy a car I had to work two jobs. One day, it was raining and I was late for work, my manager…show more content…
Anyone who has a degree has more opportunities to find any job they want to. For example, I have one of my friend who was working a dispatcher at my Job and at the same time he was going to school. It was very hard on him. He didn’t really have any time for himself. All he was doing its school and work and he was still struggles with debts but he did not give up. He was graduated from Barry University. Now he has so much choices. When you have a degree, many doors open, there’s no restrictions. Going to college gives more opportunities to those who don’t give up no matter what. It will give me more opportunities to move forward on reaching my
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