College Admissions Essay: Roller Derby

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I have never had a job with a paycheck, but that hasn’t stopped me from developing my philosophy of work. My experiences at school, home, and most of all, at roller derby have given me a chance to build my philosophy. In my experience, I have learned about my motivations, working through the grind of training, and the satisfaction of a task well-done.
I’ve found that the best motivation to work is to turn it into a passion. My passion for roller derby has driven me to become one of the fastest and strongest skaters on my team. Training for derby was and still is not easy, and sometimes I want to skip endurance or not go to the gym. It is especially hard to feel motivated when I’m tired. But my passion for skating drives me through the hard parts, and even allows me to enjoy them.
Passion is a wonderful motivator, but sometimes there is work that I need to do that isn’t enjoyable. I understand that it is important to be able to power through this work, whether I enjoy it or not. For instance, being capable of writing effectively and professionally is a skill that is crucial to success in life that I do not like to practice. Yet I know that I need to be able to write well when I grow up, so I practice anyway. Most of my obligations are like this. Chores, homework, and exercising are all things that I need to do, and I do
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If I do my task poorly, then I’ll need to redo it later, causing me to need to go through the process of mental organization a second time. However, I feel that doing quality work is more that just a way to save future mental strain. In my eyes, producing quality work is the only responsible way of working. While skating, I am frequently expected to finish drills in which I count my exercises on my own. Because I believe in doing excellent work, I always do each and every
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