College Admissions Essay: Sports Journalism

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I have been very good at writing since third grade, when I wrote my first chapter book. As I grew older, I started to like writing about sports, but could never think of any good fiction story to create, opening the door to sports journalism, where I found my niche. I fueled together my passion of sports and writing and love it. The passion I have for sports really carries my writing to another level. I feel as if I could do great things in the sports media world some day, all the while loving my job.
My most positive high school experience would have to be either getting accepted into my school 's prestigious National Honors Society program or achieving a 4.2 G.P.A the first semester of Junior year. The NHS program was hard to get into, but I was
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First, my main goal in college is to get acquainted with as much journalism and writing as possible. Going on a study abroad trip is something I plan on doing, which would be great for journalism. Meeting new people and making new friends is also a high priority, wanting to get away from my small town and meet new, different types of people. Being exposed to a new type of living and writing is my goal. After college, anywhere I am writing about sports is my goal. Whether that be for a professional sports team or whatever other opportunity crosses my path.
I hope to gain a lot from attending the Honors College. I 've always been the person who loves to work hard. Being in the honors college would be the next step, and help me meet people just like me. Being able to spread my ideas with others is the main thing, and trying to get the most out of my college education I can. I can contribute my willingness to never give up and persistent attitude. Playing sports and being cut from the team a lot gave me this skill and I plan to spread my hard work across the campus. Whether I end up in the Honors College or just attending Ball State, I will make a
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