College Admissions Essay: The Benefits Of Going To College

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Going to college is not easy, either financially or having the knowledge and strength are obstacles that prevent many from attending college. I know that having the knowledge and strength is all inside of me and just needs to spread. The financial part of going to college is what oneself has to look for. Finding with what to pay my education would have to be scholarships. Having the strength, knowledge and having a good financial help me in getting a bachelor's degree in nursing.
I have done a good amount of activities while in high school. These activities were completed in SMILE Club, National Honors Society, Art for Children and biology class. I have been in SMILE Club for nine years and the three out of four years in high school I have
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My oldest brother has obtained a certificate from TVCC. The household income is obtained from one parent in earning the minimum wage of Oregon. Over the years I have maintained a GPA of 3.8 to a 4.0. While in high school I have taken around 16 semester credits of honor classes, as of the end of last year, and I am currently taking some right now. Most of these honors classes have also counted as college credits so that means the 45 credits of pre-admissions requisites can turn into less. I have also attended the Allied Health class during my second and third year of high school and obtained my CNA certificate this past year as well. My family and I are involved in the migrant program. I am a focused person that is determined to reach my goals.
Finding a way to pay for my schooling would be to get as many scholarships as I can obtain and apply for. It will be a new experience to me and to my family seeing one of their members is going for a degree as nurse here at TVCC. Getting a bachelor's degree in nursing is not going to be easy but I am determined to finish what I have already started as a CNA. Not only is it not easy because of the knowledge but also because of finding financial need in scholarships and program. Scholarships, in the end are going to be the ones that help in

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