College Admissions Essay: The Benefits Of Volunteering

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Community service or volunteering hours is a need for every high school student to be eligible to attend college. It is an opportunity that is given to change people 's lives, including yours. Volunteering is like a win-win situation where you feel good to achieve more knowledge and others feel good because they are getting helped. Although it may be considered unpaid work volunteering can also be a great way to explore, or gain experience for your new job or career especially for me since I want to be a doctor. People need attention elders for example, do not get that many visitors at care centers. There are many seniors who wait for their love ones but they only come to see them during special occasions such as Christmas, Thanksgiving, Birthdays, etc. Working at a…show more content…
I was very stressed out because I needed 25 hour of volunteer work by one semester. One of my family friends helped me by introducing me at the Vintage Care Center. For the first few days it had been a bit confusing and I did not know anyone there. Throughout the days my work got easier as I got to know people. At the center everyone had different personalities. I played many roles since I was the only one that came during December. I would run up and down to give medication, help them exercise, and play games to keep them busy. I learned elders are very clever when it comes to bingo since they have been playing for a long time. I had to arrive early in the mornings to help them while they exercise. It was a great way to start off the day and could start their day happier. While working with a Pharmacist at the care center I got to ask question required for my work field. She helped me learn medication that could be used in emergency depending on the patienst problem.Volunteering has helped me gain much more interest about my career at the same time.So I figured out how helping others helps you. A situation that made a great impact on me was when I helped an elder get on to his wheelchair from her

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