College Admissions Essay: The Boy Who Changed My Life

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This is not a sob story of a spoilt, rich boy whining about his privileges and promising future. This is the story of one boy, among many, who has to fight for his dream because cultural and familial norms do not allow him to venture on the adventure he hopes to embark on. This is the story of a boy struggling to find himself but has people thrusting personalities onto him of what they believe he should be like.
The moment a boy in our family hits eighteen, he is summoned into his father’s office and told that he has the extreme privilege to join the family business he will one day be the head of. I would not be exaggerating if I say that on my refusal to do that there was a lot of gossip, whispers and open sneering. My mother took to her
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Perhaps my calling will bring me back here, and with increased knowledge and experience, a host of new ideas, I will be able to improve it, change it for the better.
Having fought hard to gain back my right to apply to the college that I yearn to attend and to participate in activities which I have an interest in, I am now a determined person whose goals and dreams cannot be overshadowed by expectations of others. I want to inculcate this new tradition of knowledge combined with experience in my family, for I believe that the key to success lies in a comprehensive understanding of events by the powerful tool of knowledge through education. With my parents’ permission and blessings to apply, I have achieved the first step of bringing about this change and hope. And with this new experience of college education, I can break archaic norms in my family and in my society.
So, this is the story of a boy who wants to earn his place in society and in business, and not just have it handed to him because his father and grandfather have their names on the door. This is the story of a boy who believes in the power of education and believes that it is the only true weapon to combat all the problems of society
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