College Admissions Essay: The Casey Anthony Case

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I vividly recall my mother’s astonishment that I, as a 10 year-old, would be glued to the television set. The Casey Anthony case was aired for years, I was fascinated by how the law worked and the new facts that were discovered that threw the case to one side or another; I felt connected to this case because it was in my home state. My mom never grows tired of telling this story, and with every year passing I know she becomes more and more proud of the little girl who admired the men in blue suits on the screen and decided then she wanted to be a lawyer. I remember watching my mom gaze at me with an amazed look in her eye that I have now grown so fond of.
At ten years old, I was asked what I wanted to be when I grew up, I proudly responded, “I want to be a lawyer.” To this day I have worked hard to familiarize myself with the law and since then my interest in helping people grew and grew. I decided to enroll myself in the only law magnet in the district. This was a tough experience; not only was I starting at a school that I was not zoned too, but this school was far more advanced than I was accustomed too. I noticed there was a diversity issue at my new school between students in advanced classes and regular classes. Many times I became
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I feel excited when I participate in mock trials no matter how anxious I am. I habitually stay updated on politics and learn new parts of our legal system. Like the girl I once was I keep up with popular case trials. For example, another local, popular case, the Zimmerman trial. I was devastated with every new discovery but I was glad to have watched the case. It brought me closer to people with the same interests. I felt united with minority groups in my city and I met a top attorney from my state involved in this case, Mark O’Mara. I grew up learning important family values, such as perseverance and courage that I cherish and wish to bring into my career by practicing family
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