College Admissions Essay: The Challenges Of My Life

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Challenges. That’s the definition of life. Everyone around the world goes through their own challenges every day. Every challenge is different and can be overcome in its own way. I believe people are defined on how they overcome their challenges. When I was just starting out in high school as a freshman, I faced a long and rough six month challenge. These six months defined on what kind of person I was going to be and I chose to push through the challenge; no matter how hard it was going to be. I was a freshman at Chino Hills High School and I was looking to get a spot in the soccer program. The winter soccer season went perfect. A perfect JV season was an amazing feeling going back into club soccer season. But my excitement quickly ended when at my third practice back, I had an accident. I don’t quite remember how it happened but the next thing I knew I was being carried to my mom’s car by two of the team’s dads and then I was on my way to the hospital down the road. We waited in the emergency room for an excruciating hour and a half till they took me to get x-rays and finally some pain medication. They wrapped my swollen ankle up and told me to go home. The whole way home I feared that I would never play again. A week later I had…show more content…
For four months I sat back in an air padded boot and tried to stay as healthy as possible without exercise. To do this, I ate strictly healthy and not many carbs. The next step to take was to stay closely involved with my team so when I did come back, I would not have been left behind. And all of this occurred while I was still in school It was harder for me to get to classes on time while I was on crutches; especially when the class was on the second level. But I never let my grades slip. I took the extra time to study and do all my homework. Before I knew it, four months had passed and I started to get back on my feet
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