College Admissions Essay: The Definition Of Happiness

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Being Happy The word happiness is one of those words that is almost impossible to define. Happiness is one of many things that all humans try to achieve. The meaning of Happiness is the activity of the inner body, the soul, working to experience positive emotions and the feeling of contentment. So many people in our society essentially fail to see what makes us happy. Many people let external problems and concepts affect their mental health which in turn ends up suppressing their souls. There are many reasons why people are happy or not happy. I am a happy human being because I think that life is extraordinary, I am happy with what I have instead of what I do not have and I truly love myself and care for those around me. To begin I examine everything I see and as such I see beauty where beauty is not obviously seen. I make the most of the small things in life. For example, somethings that makes me happy is when I go out on a run on the street and I see people who are of old age walking down the street and seeing little kids playing on or around the streets. The sight of seeing people with such a big age gap makes it seem as if…show more content…
I believe that our world is extraordinary because there is beauty everywhere and this makes me a happy human being. people just have to know how to view the things that they see. Our society today is full of stressors and has left us with this constant feeling of wanting more than what we have causing people to become unhappy. In addition, I am happy because I do not stress about what I do not have, I instead focus on what I do have. People experience a fake happiness when they admire material wealth. And lastly, I am happy because I truly love myself even though I may not be the most perfect human being. I am happy because of how much I care and love those who are around me. Bringing joy to someone’s life undoubtedly makes me a much happier human being. To have a successful life one must be

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