College Admissions Essay: The Event That Changed My Life

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As I began to get older, I start to fall in love with a quote by Mark Twain, “whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to pause and reflect.” Consequently by the time I recognized what the quote actually meant I was already too far down the rabbit hole and life was pulling my legs closer to the bottom.
During my freshman year and like many other great tuba player in marching band I fell and broke my leg while square dancing in our show. Luckily during this part of the show I was not carrying my tuba, but after that year and moving to a different school, sad to say, I didn’t join marching band again. I was already at a point in my life where I needed to find a new hobby and I haven’t even turned 16 yet. So, I joined
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My older brother, who is legally blind, had places to go and as for my younger sister had scheduled events already planned. Although, my parents had been sick for awhile I didn 't recognize what type of pressure I put on them. It wasn’t just driving, it was everything. Then swiftly grasp that I didn 't know what responsibility truly was outside of school. I was falling into the majority. Yes, I knew how to cook, clean, and maintain myself for years. My parents taught me how to be independence at a young age, but teaching is different from doing. This entire year seemed as if life was crashing down. I spent many sleepless night worry about my future and if I would be able to reach what dreams and goals I set. However, I was in the rabbit hole, the majority, I was lost in my life, yet I saw the light from above decided to pause and reflect. As silly as it might sound getting my license mark the moment I was turning into an adulthood. I quickly realized the importance of both time management and kindness. Although they might seem as two random things they correlated into my life. Time management, I realized everything I thought was once importance might have not been; my
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