College Admissions Essay: The Gentle Giant

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The Gentle Giant

I am an imposing figure. I stand at 6’3 210 pounds with a large frame and five o’clock shadow. My stature has lead to people to give me nicknames such as Redwood and Sequoia. In grade school, I was like Will Ferrell 's character in Elf, towering over all of my peers. I was 5 feet tall in 4th grade and 6 feet tall by 7th grade.

A first impression might cause people to think of me as the typical high school bully who would shove kids into lockers and give kids swirlies in the toilet. However, I am not that person. I am a “gentle giant”, a moniker given to me by my pediatrician when he looked at an enormous 1 month old baby. My gentle demeanor showed through during countless childhood soccer games when any collision
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Throughout school, kids have asked me to escort them to their classes, sit with them at lunch, and generally stick up for them when they were in a tough spot. In high school, I volunteer to run passes for the Dean so I learn about who is having a tough time and I seek them out if I can, and encourage them. As a hockey camp counselor, teaching hockey skills is important, but I am also aware of the campers’ social and emotional development. I have always found that people who are having trouble seem to gravitate towards me. They see me as a gentle giant that will look out for them.

You may wonder how a gentle giant plays a sport like hockey where physical contact is an integral part of the game. I am aware of my size and how I can easily hurt someone so I have honed my skills as a “smoosher” instead of a hitter. I can almost hear the sighs of relief from all the mothers in the crowd when I smoosh their player into the boards rather than smash him.

As Uncle Ben from Spiderman said “with great power comes great responsibility”. This quote resonates with me because of what I could have been and who I really am. I could have been the prototypical bully who ruins people’s confidence with an imposing stature and mean attitude. However, I decided to use my power for good by protecting people and supporting them, like a gentle
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