College Admissions Essay: The Golden Door Scholar Scholarship

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Opportunities like this scholarship only come in a lifetime, so being able to partake in it, is such an honor. I truly contemplate that I’m qualified for this scholarship because of my past academic accomplishments and flexible upcoming goals. The day I learned about college, I generated a goal: attend a 4-year university and receive my Bachelor’s Degree of Science. I knew that my goals were not just going to be given to myself, so I started working firmly for them. I started to obtain near perfect grades, which certainly made me stand out in my class and as an individual. I was recognized in the A Honor Roll every semester in my high school career, and confidently will make it in both semesters this year. While I was in 9th grade, our class was assigned an all year independent research project (Science) that had a high stake, a $500 scholarship. My independent research project was based off texting and driving. After seven months of solid work and determination, my name was announced as the winner of the $500 scholarship. From that moment onward, I learned that anything is possible in school. As long as you put your heart out and put determination into your goals, they can become achievable. School grades are not the only forte that…show more content…
These past few days, I have been depressed about not being able to receive federal aid, apply for certain scholarships, and not being able to pay in-state tuition, even though I’ve been living in Wisconsin for the past sixteen years. The Golden Door Scholar Scholarship has given me light to end of my terrifying tunnel. It would be the greatest honor to become a Golden Door Scholar, as my abilities of speaking two fluent languages (English & Spanish), drives myself to pursue goals in both the American and Hispanic community. I want to take my talents and demonstrate them to the world. Thank you for this remarkable
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