College Admissions Essay: The Miracle Man

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The Miracle Man

Even today, 30 years laters, I’m still reading about how many minds I’ve saved from withering into oblivion. As I sit in my musty, red leather recliner that is as old as I am, I know my mother would be proud. I may not have been able to save her, but I have been able to save countless of others. Those millions of other people almost make up for me not being able to save her. Almost.
As I’m sitting in my makeshift lab in my one-bedroom apartment, I know I am getting close. I will be the end of Alzheimer’s. Knowing that I will have stopped so much tragedy from happening will make my life worth living. After this horrid disease took my mother, all I’ve wanted out of life is to diminish it. After many years of back-breaking research, I realized I over-looked a major key factor in this disease. The brain is not
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I don’t understand how they could stand being in the hallway of my apartment. Talk about run-down.
“Mr. Jackson! Over Here!”
“Mr. Jackson! How did you do it?” the relentless reporters always ask.
The morning after word got out, I made front pages globally:
The Miracle Man! The Miracle Man has defeated one of the world’s most hated enemies. That’s right! Sixty year old Cray Jackson has extinguished Alzheimer’s! You no longer need to worry about your children, grand-children, or great-grand-children being diagnosed with this monster of a disease all thanks to The Miracle Man!
This whole newspaper article is on my refrigerator. It’s a constant reminder of the good I’ve done. Not like I’d ever forget, but it makes my fridge look less lonely. I still occasionally come across my name in a science magazine, but I’m not all the rave I used to be. That’s okay though. I never did it for fame or fortune. Now, when it’s my time to leave this world, my life will have surpassed contempt in my eyes, and that’s what
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