College Admissions Essay: The Moment That Changed My Life

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The moment we are born, we are all enlightened by what it means to be alive even if we are not aware of it. As a young child, this enlightenment came to me in fistfuls of childhood and family. In the darkest of times, the need and willingness to learn is what kept me awake. As I grew older, I did not know that I had anything to offer to the world that was of any extraordinary significance. In my middle and high school years, my lungs took a breath inward and held for what seemed like forever. Caught with my academic anxieties, my lungs shriveled up but my heart never shrunk. What I found, though, was that we are never truly aware of what we are capable of. Additionally, what we are capable of never needs to be particularly extraordinary to be significant.…show more content…
In my junior year of high school, I did not think that the bags underneath my eyes could grow any darker. At the time, I was a member of Business Professionals of America, UIL, Student Council, SHAQ, and the National Honors Society. Not only this, but I was taking college courses, an AP course, and had friends and family to attend to. Every day was a new challenge for me. Although all of these comings and goings have a place in my heart, my biggest achievement was becoming class president and planning the 2015 prom. If prom was a hill, I climbed it at a snail 's pace. As the class president, I oversaw the organizing and fundraising involved. The one-night event required an entire year of planning, and as the president, I received my fair-share of criticism from my peers. However, when the time finally came, I realized that I was only human, and what I contributed to the prom was more than excellent. I felt that despite what any one person had to say, I could declare that I planned this astounding celebration while having to do one hundred other things at the same time. I felt like the future me would be
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