College Admissions Essay: The Passion That Changed My Life

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Growing up I 've always been convinced that every single person was gifted in a way .For the longest time I’ve pondered what my gift was, for the longest time I searched for what that I was gifted or good at. But to my dismay I never found that anything I was good at. It put me in a spot that made me think, “If I don’t have any talent then what defines me compared to the next person?”. That question has always bothered me but eventually I found the answer I was looking for. If I have no set direction in my life then that just means I’m free to choose what I can be good at . The very fact that I don 't excel in a certain subject gives me the freedom to choose something that brings me passion so that I can work towards being good at it.
So once i found my answer i began to pursue my passion of computer building. I’ve always wanted to build
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She emphasized how i needed to have high grades if i wanted to stand a chance. But as i grow older i couldn 't compete to the level she wanted, that 's not to say that she forced me to get the best of grades. But i always felt as if i wasn’t good enough so eventually i stopped trying. By then i had come to terms in my own mind on how i couldn’t get into college because of my family’s lack of money and my low grades overall. But during my sophomore year i saw how my school 's avid class was accepting applications to join the class. I knew avid promoted going to college and guided you into it. So what i suppose in a fit of desperation i applied in the hopes that their was a chance of me going to college. And lucky for me that chance became very realistic, because i took this class i learned in more depth what it took to get into a college and the expenses off it. Because of that I now i 'm applying to different college. all i can say that avid is the reason that i’m attempting to go to
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