College Admissions Essay: The Person Who Changed My Life

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Life is not wasted. I am very honorable to serve my disabled and honorable veteran father every day. He does not waste a single second. He is constantly working even though he is a retired veteran. It gives me the fullest joy when I get to serve and assist in his variety of building projects. I don 't want to waste this essay about myself but I want to tell how great my father is. I am adopted and I am glad I was adopted by an amazing uncle. He knows and holds on to the greatest wisdom which he gives me many pieces of advice. Through the service through the armed forces he knows that if I have an ambitious goal, I should never give up. This was the motto that he always had when he was in the army. With this advice, I continue work in the school…show more content…
Individualism is a great quality to have but I gladly serve for the sake of others. I may have interesting qualities but I care about other people more than myself so that I can serve them even better. Throughout my high school career, I am refining and learning how to serve people better with unconditional means. I experienced great service lessons as I am in the humanities club, SADD, bible study club, SAGA, BHS buddies, and the BHS Legacy club. Because of the amazing clubs that the high school offers, I learned and experienced valuable and memorable lessons to serve people better. I even advocated people to serve and give back to their community because the community has done so much for us. I solely expressed the idea of public serving and this is a great to shine your individual characteristic. I believe being a hermit isn 't going to help anyone to foster to have a unique personality. However, if someone cares about others and willingly ready to serve anyone, allow them to serve because they are ready to embrace who they are. Sometimes I am disappointed that many people in this generation disregard serving and thinking to serve is only for minimum wage workers. However, I am compelled to express that volunteer service is the greatest work of all because many people sacrifice their time, effort, and mind to help other people in need. I have learned that and experienced a value that I can 't forget. I gain greater joy when I get to serve people for free than when I

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