College Admissions Essay: The Pink Ranger

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Thinking back on my life, I reminisce on what I wanted to be when I "grew up".
A future as a nurse, astronaut, or singer never crossed my mind. I was determined to be the Pink Power Ranger. Why I wanted to be a Pink Ranger was simple to a second grader. I wanted to save the world, make a difference, and wear a cute pink uniform. Some were supportive in my quest to become the superhero, while others tried to explain to me that the Pink Power Ranger did not actually exist. I vowed to show them that I would one day be the Pink
Ranger. Looking back, perhaps I was correct. Maybe I will transform into my own version of the Pink Power Ranger.

Now that I am preparing to enter college, I still want to save the world and make a difference. I want to attend college
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Students need someone to believe in them, and I have seen the transformation that confidence and pride can have on young students.
Developing children have an inherent desire to please their teachers. I used this spark to show my students they could succeed more than they had ever dreamed. I feel that I have made a difference to my first grade class. In countless ways, teachers can save the world.

Varsity volleyball has also taught me valuable lessons both on and off the court. As a freshman, I made the varsity volleyball team. With this position came an exorbitant amount of responsibility and pressure. My teammates always considered me the "baby", although they expected me to play at the same level as the seniors. In addition, I learned how to deal with difficult personalities as well as how to commit myself to a team and a sport. Furthermore, I learned that I was a role model for other teammates and young volleyball players. Just like the Pink Ranger, people looked up to me and I tried to lead by example throughout my volleyball career.

As I enter into this next phase of my life, I aspire to keep the dream of being my version of a Pink Power Ranger alive. I look forward to attending
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