College Admissions Essay-The Things I Carry

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The Things I Carry We carry many things with us each day. Things that are physical such as chap stick, or a necklace that means a lot to us, and we also carry with us things that are emotional like our secrets, feelings and our troubles. With out these things we would feel lost or out of place because these things, these tiny things we may feel are irrelevant, become apart of who we are. They become apart of our daily routines from the moment we wake up until the second we fall asleep. Physically I always try to have my planner so I can be a more organized and successful person, but also because I am the most forgetful human being that there ever was. Although I only tend to forget the important things, for example, this assignment and also things like my grandmothers birthday or the time I was supposed to be at school for costuming the musical. I also try to always have at least one hair tie on my right wrist (for some reason my left wrist is not comfortable with a hair tie on it) because my hair is an unruly mess that can only be tamed with loads of products and/or lots of time which are two things that I don’t have. If I go anywhere for more then three hours I try to have the book I’m reading with me. I read a lot, and I read all sorts of book from the “Maze Runner” series to Wuthering Heights to an…show more content…
I carry responsibility for my little brother because we are the only constants in each others life’s. When I was eight and he was just three years old our parents split up. They have remained friends but we are always going back and forth between their houses and the only things we can count on one hundred percent is each other. My family causes me to carry the most emotional

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