College Admissions Essay: What Does Money Means To Me

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In terms of understanding what money means to me, there are multiple facets of importance that I consider. Money presents countless opportunities for my personal development and future success. Money will be instrumental in funding my pursuits in college, finding a career in business, investing in savings accounts and other investment opportunities, and ultimately afford me the ability to not only better my life, but others around me as well.
As my graduation looms, decisions concerning college are becoming increasingly important. I have committed to the University of Wisconsin Whitewater, and intend to pursue and an accounting major. Now that I have selected a college, payments such as housing deposits, enrollment fees, tuition costs, etc. are starting to become a reality, and money will secure my spot in college so that I can begin the next phase of my life. As a kid, I had taken
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John Zimmerman has continuously instilled in his students the importance of money management and personal finance. My initial interest in the business field as a whole grew into a career option for myself after learning more from Mr. Zimmerman’s classes. One point that he mentioned will definitely stick with me into the future. As a young man, I have the advantage of time. The money that I invest and save now will grow exponentially, and the long term returns will enable me to establish flexible spending, retirement, and more investment funds. Starting as early as I can will be the key to financial stability in my future. Unexpected events and expenses that arise can be managed properly and these funds will always be there when I need them. Money is not only important to me in the short term, but in the future as well where it can grow in value and secure my

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