College Admissions Essay: What Is Your Legacy To Me?

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A quote from Doctor Seuss, “Sometime you will know the value of a moment until it become a memory.” What will your legacy be? Everyone wants to be remembered in some way. Whether it is being remembered as the lazy kid who snoozes through class, or the dedicated student who is always prepared for class. For example, a legacy to me is something that is left by a person to be remembered by. A legacy is a person’s reactions to a name. For example, when someone hears my name, I want to be remembered as a hardworking, kind, and helpful peer. My legacy doesnt want to be negative, therefore striving to succeed in my eighth grade year is the best. If I were to leave a great legacy, I will have definitely impact the lives of many people.Therefore, people would be dedicated to their school work and understand the importance of being educated. My parents would be so proud of me and also proud that they raised me. On the other hand, wanting to be a good example to my peers and everyone around me is great. People will recognize me by my creativity and responsibility to achieve my goals. My reputation would be being trustworthy and kind to others.…show more content…
Education and creativity is one of my big factors of growth. Its very important to me to have an education because that’s how you have knowledge, without knowledge no one can have an education to give a point of view in life.”Without growth and self success, such words as improvement, achievement, and success have no meaning. This quote explains, that education affect lives, whether it’s physically or mentally. The goals in my 8th grade year are graduating the year with high honor roll, making my family/peers proud, and setting a good example to others. I’m involved with many sports outside of school. For example, I play Field Hockey, Lacrosse, and
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