College Admissions Essay: What Life Has Taught Me

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What Life Has Taught Me You don’t ever think about how important certain moments are going to be, until that 's all you have left to remember someone by. I had a friend, a best friend whom I loved so much and could always count on. During that time life was perfect. I never knew the great times I cherished would come to an end so quickly and become only a memory. Averey and I grew up together and shared the same passion for softball, so we grew to love each other from the start. We played on the same travel team so we would see each other every single day, either for practices or tournaments every weekend. We were inseparable and wanted to be together no matter what. Our team was made up of girls from seven different schools, so being the only two from the same school made us closer than all of the other girls. She was a great player, but an…show more content…
My dad was deathly sick and needed surgery at this time. As a result, him and my mom couldn 't go to the most important tournament that I would ever play in. Averey and her parents decided to take me in for the week long tournament. Although I wish I could have had my family there with me this tournament was still one of the best times of my life! Getting to spend a whole week with my best friend and my whole team, eating out every day (even twice some days), spending the times we weren 't playing at the pool or watching movies in the lobby and most importantly, a week of what we all loved to do most, play softball. No matter how happy I tried to be, I still wasn 't dealing with the fact that my parents weren 't there well at all. Especially my dad, he is the one who taught me this game and he 's the reason I love this game and am so passionate about it. He’s never ever missed a game, so for him to miss my biggest tournament from being in the hospital made it a thousand times
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