College Admissions Essay: What Makes Me Who I Am

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In my mind I thought I had it all figured out. How could I go from one day knowing everything to knowing nothing about myself? I have heard people say, "Nobody can know you better than you know yourself." Well of course, how can others know me, if I have completely lost myself and the meaning of where I wanted to go? My transition to college has made me not being able to define who I am. Now I 'm just left to figure it out all by myself. I use to be a person that would love to be around people, that would love working and listening to others issues, which would make me feel a sense of achievement every time I would help someone else find solutions to better their life. That feeling doesn’t go away from one day or another, the calling of wanting to help others in my life is still…show more content…
School that is all I know for now, taking baby steps that will lead me to take a big step with my life. Hoping that just focusing on living and being open to new ideas will help me to the path that is destined for me. For the future I know that as long as I have the desire to continue my education I can find the right career path for myself and that I will find myself in the process. One of the hardest things to admit to myself and others is that I don’t know what my purpose is. Although, when I say that I am wrong, I do know what my purpose is. The purpose for me going to school is to find my purpose, I will not rush into a career but I will let my mind open to what could possibly find me. I am a very optimistic person and I also believe in faith, I strongly believe that my career will come to me. I also know that when I say I’ve lost myself it does not mean I don’t know anything about myself. I still know what I do and do not like, I know what makes me happy and what doesn’t. The basic things needed to possibly determine my future are known already. I just need to be able to take it a step further to know what I will study in and what kind of woman I will grow up to
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