College Admissions Essay: Why I Deserve A Scholarship

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I believe I deserve this scholarship because as a hard working individual, I will commit myself to effectively take advantage of the opportunity that the scholarship will provide me. As a child, I knew my goals and ambitions that I desired to achieve after my high school career. I wanted to strive to become successful in life and be able to help my family financially. I had my mind set on what I wanted to become and what I wanted to succeed in. As I further my education, my concentration is focused on achieving my ultimate goal of earning my Bachelor of Business Administration in Finance followed by my Master of Science in Finance. With these degrees, I will begin my career at a corporate finance company in hopes of progressing my way up to an executive or a high-ranking position. Throughout my life I have faced various obstacles that allowed me to become the strong and diligent woman I am today. Some people might believe growing up in a low income family might have a negative impact towards the person…show more content…
The school organizations I’m actively involved in are National Honor Society, National Technical Honor Society, Rio Grande Valley Linking Economics Academic Development (RGV LEAD), and Student Council. These organizations allowed me to improve my communication skills, leadership skills, handle many responsibilities, and manage my time efficiently. This allowed me to require the right skill set to balance my time as well as handle all my responsibilities efficiently. I also partake in multiple sports such as volleyball and basketball. Through these sports, I am taught self-discipline, accountability, and mental toughness. I have learned several valuable lessons through the activities that I am involved in and will continue to carry these teachings throughout my

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