College Admissions Essay: Why I Want To Go To College

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I come from a really big family: A family of nine to be exact. I am the second oldest at seventeen and would be the first to go to college. My family is very supportive and would help me with anything I need to accomplish getting the best of my education. My family loves to go out and have adventures, we’re very athletic.
My father is the only one that works full time and is the one who mostly supports the family. He pays most of the bills and insurance. My mother does some side jobs such as cleaning and housekeeping. She helps get food on the table and have clothes on our backs. I have a part-time job to help pay some bills and pay for fees and equipment for the sports that my siblings and I plan to do. I help relieve some of the stress
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I couldn’t decipher what exactly until about 5 years ago. I fell in love with the complexity of constructing and architectural works that my father was doing on a house. At that moment I knew that I wanted to do architectural engineering. What motivates me to keep going is the thought of my younger siblings looking up to me and see me persevere for my dreams and the hard work of my parents for giving us this amazing opportunity. They’ve done so much and for me to not go to college would have been a waste of their efforts. How I plan to accomplish my career is by going to a 4-year university (now that I know a little about the college experience, it won’t be too difficult) and earn a bachelor 's degree. If I do get accepted to CU Boulder, I would major in architectural engineering and maybe do construction management as well.
With this scholarship it would help me with getting some money to pay for college so that my family is not in so much debt to pay for me. Not only that, but with my younger siblings that also plan to go to college, I do not want my school debt to be in the way of their success. I want them to have a chance to succeed as
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