College Admissions Essay-Why Writing Is Important To Me

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It’s the rush of adrenaline flowing through my veins that first gets to me. I can feel my heart pounding in my chest, as my excitement levels rise to unaccountable amounts. I feel my body tense up as my breathing becomes deep and elongated, the longer I wait for the sooner I will pass out from containing myself, containing my joy. For most people writing is a task, a simple school assignment, a normal Saturday afternoon spent wasting away, staring at a blank screen with a blinking black line, as it taunts you. However, to me, writing is a way to connect to the outside world, a way to make my dreams become reality. A beautiful escape from a mundane life.
The sentences are music and I am their conductor. I shape their meaning, strengthen their
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These stories ignited the spark in me to become a storyteller, a master of words, a conductor of prose and poetry. I have spent years honing my craft, spending my time carefully placing my delicate details to create my perfect piece of art. My scripts are years of turmoil and torture, as they build up to my finally, the end of my masterpiece. As the characters I have put down on the page have finally gained their immortality: The greatest gift any artist can give to their children. While I am sad to see them go as I mark their last words, their final breaths. They have made me happy. Because in between the years of school, where I waltz through English, sharing in whispers my stories with my classmates and my friends and the years of works, where I help others enjoy their favorite characters that live on screen. I know I am destined to make a name for myself because I feel the aches of success aching through my bones whenever I tell a story and whenever I have an audience who wants to listen. To allow the stories I have created to become verbatim in a little girl’s mind, a little girl just like I was who spent her time listening to the words of screen artist, like they were the lyrics to secular pieces of music and praising the writer 's she hope she could grow up to be: Neil Gaiman, Roald Dahl, and Suzanne

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