College Athletes In America

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Sports have been a part of America for a long time. Long enough that they are big part of American’s culture. When the word “sports” is mentioned to any American, the first thing that comes to mind are sports at a professional level, mean while forgetting the National Collegiate Athletic Association(NCAA) athletes. Surprisingly, America has the unique value of being able to play sports on a high level while going to college. No other country has that privilege.
According to “Nearly 1,100 colleges and universities in NCAA Division I, Division II and Division III collectively invest in improving the experiences of student-athletes.” The NCAA is a national corporation that involves every sport in the nation. Not every sport gives the
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The names are Division 1, Division 2, and Division 3. According to the NCAA describes Division 1 as “…schools generally have the biggest student bodies, manage the largest athletics budgets and offer the most generous number of scholarships. Schools who are members of the Division I commit to maintaining a high academic standard for student-athletes in addition to a wide range of opportunities for athletic participation.” Universities that are qualified as Division 1 provide homes for their best athletes. These universities make millions off of their top athletes and teams. This profit allows them to get the best high school prospects of the country and increases their chances of getting greater opportunities with these prospects to choose their universities over the competing universities. Using this tactic, they created an earning money cycle. By getting the best athletes, universities get the most money from him/her, and they keep offering the best scholarship to the next best high school prospect. Because of this money cycle created by the universities, the NCAA believes that their athletes should be grateful to have their tuition completely or partially taken care of. Scholarships help pay for the athlete’s tuition but do not give them enough money to support themselves. Ramogi Huma, president of the National College Players Association, which is trying to win recognition as the first union for college athletes said, "For the last 15 years the NCAA and the schools were screaming this would destroy us, we can 't afford it," Huma said. "Now even the smallest schools have found way to pay it,” This is a president that is understanding why this issue has being a nightmare for athletes. He has opened his eyes to the argument of formers and actuals players, and understand them. Now he is moving on into figuring a solution for it. Hartnett was a former basketball
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