Should College Athletes Be Paid Essay

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Should pros be allowed to draft college athletes before they graduate. I believe that the pros shouldn’t be allowed. My reasoning is that players need time to develop & think about what’s best for them. Another reason is that players should graduate first so that if the sport they play doesn’t work out then they have a college degree for a back up career in something else. There are plenty of good reasons but something that players should think more about is the longer you stay in college the more developed & ready for the pro sport you dream of going into.
Players who need to develop shouldn’t go pro quite yet or they could ruin their career. They have not yet reached their full potential so why not wait & have a better & more long term career in the sport. It helps when players are surrounded by a family with more money so you can wait & not have to worry about hurrying to a pro sport to help family financially. In the long run though you may end up harming yourself. If players wait they can help their family for more than a year & help them for years to come.
In plenty ways the long term effects can turn out to be a horrendous help not only to you but to your college as well. When you’re older & possibly needing a career after the pros
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The skills that the player may end up getting better at. Coming to the draft as a higher IQ and better overall skill give you a better chance on draft night. On draft night every player hopes of being a top 5 pick, but when you leave early like most players new dreams may not come true and you could fall to a second round pick or possibly not even drafted. Every year there is plenty of great athletes who declare for the draft early & they don’t get drafted. So why don’t pros draft them? It’s because they know the player is not yet
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