Student Athlete Benefits

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While attending college one’s education will not only give individuals a chance of further education; but also an opportunity to experience lessons in life. Sometimes life is not always fair which can be one of the hardest lessons. Students who work assiduously to achieve academic success can realize all too soon how myriad hours of studying to accomplish the grade, may not pay off as much as the capability to hit a home run. It appears the ability of the student-athlete to succeed in the season is appreciated much more than what an academic student achieves. College sports are a major revenue-producing industry. Athletic programs and their student-athletes can reach national appreciation and generate millions of dollars in revenue for the university they attend. Colleges use this income to invest in players, pay for their education, and provide training facilities. These facilities are used to improve the…show more content…
A game without support is not a real game and is not as much fun as if there were supporter. Of course, fans are not everything, and an athlete should be able to play and fight hard even though there is not any support since it is their job to play for the college and in the best-case win. Every athlete receives a scholarship for playing for the school and for which all students are thankful. However, investing in facilities would bring more support to each game and therefore the atmosphere would increase. That is what athletes work for, a though game with people who support them no matter what and where they have to push through this situation to win this game. Moreover, the atmosphere would not only increase during a game. While students are practicing or working out, non-athlete students can come and watch them while they are having lunch, for instance. Those things are small but so significant if one’s wants to increase the atmosphere within the students on
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