College Athletes Paid

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Over the past few decades, college athletics have gained immense popularity across the United States. Intercollegiate sports have brought in a surplus of revenue to their respective universities, as well as increasing the popularity of the college’s reputation. As the interest in college sports continues to grow, the question of whether college athletes should be paid also continues to arise. There are many advocated in favor of paying athletes and many against the idea. A proposal for a way college athletes could be compensated for their commitment to the athletic programs at their college and universities, would be through endorsements from companies such as Nike and Under Armour. This would allow large sporting goods companies to pay the…show more content…
Many athletes do not bother with their studies because they think they will get rich once they enter the pros. By the time they realize that’s not going to happen, it’s too late. College athletes need to have an education. College sports give students the opportunity to play what they love while still having access to an education. Paying the athletes would distract them from the thought about getting an education because they are more focused on the money aspect. The way the current system is set up, scholarship, allows students access to a free education, tutoring, and many other educational benefits. According to an article in the junior scholastic, Should College Athletes be Paid?, more than 480,000 compete as NCAA athletes, and less than two percent will move on to compete at the professional level. When the other 98% of these college students graduate, they will go into the workforce, needing an education. Providing athletes with bonus cash payments will divert even more funding from academic departments and challenge the primary purpose of attending college, an education. Leaving the system the way it is would allow for the student to continue to focus on an education, and being able to graduate with a Bachelor’s…show more content…
In the article, Point: College Athletes Should Be Paid for Their Participation, “While not all Division I schools report a profit from their athletics departments, college sports are a multibillion-dollar industry. The revenue generated by college athletics benefits schools, administrators, coaches, vendors, local communities, and television networks.” The big-time athletes become the face of the athletic department. The NCAA uses athletes as a selling point. The athletes are what generate money for the association, so why can’t the athletes get a cut of their work? Of course, there is a conflicting side to every point; although, the NCAA produces billions of dollars every year, how do athletes expect to get their education, travel, and perks paid
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