College Athletes Should Be Paid Essay

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Another question asked is what effect would being paid have on the athletes? Would athletes become lazy? Would it set them up poorly for the next part of their lives when they will have to work in order to pay bills and support a family? This is the main argument for those who oppose paying college athletes. They claim that if athletes were to start getting paid as a college athlete there is no reason for them to work as hard to become professional athletes or successful in their chosen profession after their playing career. Former college athletes, such as Atlanta Falcons quarter back Matt Ryan, also argue that college athletes play for the love of the game and paying them could take that away. There is a certain innocence about sports when…show more content…
This gives the athletes very little assurance that if they were to get hurt they would be able to pay for their treatment as a result of an injury. The highest profile injury in recent years occurred to Louisville basketball player Kevin Ware. During the course of a game Kevin Ware suffered a compound fracture in his leg. The nature and severity of the injury caused it to receive a great deal of attention from the media. At the time of the injury there was no knowledge as to whether or not Ware would be able to return to the court. Eventually through lots of medical assistance and hard work his leg did make a full recovery and as of now all of Ware’s medical expenses have been covered by the school. Some players however are not as lucky. The mother of a former University of Oklahoma basketball player took a case to the supreme court after the University refused to renew the scholarship of the athlete after he injured his knee during a practice. This instability is one additional reason why some say college athletes are treated like professionals and deserve compensation as
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