College Athletes Should Get Paid Essay

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The pro athletes get paid for their hard work why don't college athletes?College do as much hard work as the pros but they still do not get paid.They both compete for championships and practice almost everyday.College athletes have to wait to go to the pros to get money when they should get it now.College athletes work on their sport everyday like a job so you should get money in exchange for your work and labor. Athletes need to be healthy but how can they do that without the right food which cost money.Athletes can't keep up with sports if they are not healthy.College athletes also won't have any time getting a job because of all their training and studying.Athletes have gym too which also cost money.most colleges do not require gyms so they do not have them.Without these things athletes will begin to stop being healthy and break down during practice. If all the…show more content…
Even when the college athletes don't get paid they do in the pros.That does not give them the right to steal their cash.They train everyday for this and most can't even pay for it.The college athletes deserve every penny that they worked for. In rebuttal college athletes deserve to get their money because all the reasons why they shouldn't are just small excuses.It's their right to get their hard earned cash.Like for any other job you get money in exchange for their work.When they spend every minute trying to get better it's only fair to get money in return for their hard work. All these reasons why college athletes should get paid is fair.The reasons why they shouldn't get paid doesn't even matter.Ncaa should do an agreement to pay college athletes before there is no ncaa.Both pros and ncaa athletes work hard in their
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