College Athletes Should Get Paid

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Have you ever thought why college athletes should get paid? Paying them in college might help them later in life. Paying them will help them save up their money on stuff they need later in life. Paying the athletes will help benefit them and the college and organization. I think college athletes should get paid cause because the college makes money off of them. And most of them work hard in practice and play great in the game. Colleges should help their athletes by paying them. College athletes should be paid. Some athletes go to the pros before graduating college. Paying the athletes will make them work harder in practice and in school, because if they work harder in practice they will play harder and maybe get paid more. If they keep working …show more content…

Some of the athletes get hurt and they are out for the year because they can 't pay for the injury, but if they get paid it will help them pay for their injuries. Some athletes don 't have enough money for sports gear, so buy paying them they will be able to get sports gear. Most athletes try to play a sport and have a job so if they got paid it would give them more time to focus on the sport. Athletes should be paid earlier so it will help them in the pros by giving them confidence so they don 't get worried that they are going to spend all of their money. If athletes get paid earlier it will help the manage their money when their older so it will help them pay bills. Some athletes should be paid because, they put time and effort into the sport and take out family time to practice the sport. If other athletes hered that colleges were paying they would want to play so it will help the college by getting more students. College athletes should be paid. Paying them in college will help them succeed in life. Paying them will help them manage their money later in life. Paying the athletes will help them and the college. Next time you see them play, think of the time they spend on the sport and how hard they

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