College Athletes Should Not Be Paid

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Paying college athletes is a controversial topic. College athletes are normally towards getting paid. The rest of the collegiate body has split opinions. One opinion is that college athletes shouldn’t be paid. Some people believe this because college athletes aren’t employees, sports programs do not have the money to spare, and there are already scholarships given to athletes. Many people never want to be the person putting money into another person’s pocket; paying college athletes is no exception. College athletes are at a college to learn about a specific degree. They are not at college to play sports (Cooper 12). Many of the college athletes aren’t considering their education, they want to play their sports. Because of this, they are under…show more content…
One style of scholarship that colleges can give their athletes is a full-ride. Schools do not need to pay their athletes more than the cost of attendance, which is why some colleges give full-rides to some athletes (Roberts). There are also many other scholarships that colleges award their athletes. Among these other scholarships is the basic athletic scholarship, which many colleges are quite ‘open-handed’ with (Lewis 22). In case the above forms of payments aren’t enough for all college athletes, there are other options if athletes show the need for more money. The NCAA is willing to provide extra money to “Pell Grant recipients” for personal items and travel home in case of emergencies (Gerdy 8). The opinion that college athletes shouldn’t be paid exists all around the country. College athletes shouldn’t be paid because they aren’t employees, the sports programs don’t have extra money, and the athletes are already receiving compensation for their work on the team. Although there are split opinions among the college students who are not athletes, many high school students who don’t plan on being athletes in college are against paying college athletes. These high school students feel that paying college athletes is an absurd
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