College Athletes Should Not Get Paid Essay

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Why College Athletes Shouldn’t Get Paid? Free education! Free lunch! Free books. Think about it wouldn 't that be great in college while being able to graduate college debt-free? Well that is what college athletes get,so i don 't think is fair for them to get paid. College athletes should not be paid because they were the ones that signed up to be college athletes. College athletes have a responsibility to represent their college. Which is why college is a place to get degrees not money. If they really want to earn money they should wait to make it to the professionals. Why should college athletes get paid? If they’re just college students ,not professionals….yet. College athletes should not get paid because they were the ones that signed …show more content…

Remember back then when teachers made us pick our college,and we were obsessed that we even made posters etc. So now that you are in college in the college you dreamed to go , now is your responsibility to represent your college either playing a sport or something else. Now think about what college you go to represent you will have to represent your mascot to . if the sport they are playing does not make them rich or famous is because they did not put too much dedication. “But the players or athletes who are good and entertain us those are the ones who will get paid”-source B. “When you go to college you go for a degree not a paycheck”-source B. So if students apply to be college athletes why do they have to pay them. Especially when they free education,free food,and free books. Now if they want to get paid they should practice a lot so they can get really good and make it to the NFL or another league. But if they don 't make it they at least made a name for themselves. Therefore should college athletes get paid? Well if they do once they graduate they will live a good life. They have enough money to pay for their house bills or etc. But what if college athletes would actually get paid,but will it be fair if only the good ones get paid and the not so good ones not? No, so if you can 't play all athletes equally, then you shouldn 't pay

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