College Athletes Should Not Get Paid

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A big issue in college sports is whether or not to pay the athletes that participate in the sporting programs. My side would be with people who think that the players should not get paid. I believe that it would affect their in game performance all together. Even if they did get paid I think most athletes would spend their money on things that would overall get them in trouble. I also think the free scholarship most get is the same as getting paid only they cannot spend their money on what they want. My first view point I want to illustrate is paying college athletes can affect their overall performance. I mean think about it what is any college athletes dream? Their dream is to make it to the big leagues and get paid therefore they put their best into every game they paly hoping to get noticed by some big time scouter. If you start paying them there is no point to try to make it to the big leagues, because you are already getting paid. Also payment can take away their motivation to put 110% into every game that they play which means they will not be as big of factor on the team. So the bottom-line is if you don’t pay college athletes you get the best performance out of them that they can give. If you pay them they lose motivation and therefore start to become lazy.…show more content…
College is often referred to as the party years of one’s life. So if your new to college and don’t have any friends, but you have the finances you got paid for being a great athlete. The odds are you are going to throw a party that cost a good bit of money to try and make some new friends. Even if you have friends you are still going to want to go out and buy new clothes and if you have money to do it then what is holding you back. Now I am not saying it is bad to go shopping and spend money, but if you get 9,000 for your athleticism and you don’t know how to save money you can blow that 9,000 in a
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