College Campuses In Missoula, Rape By Jon Krakauer

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One in five women and one in sixteen men are sexually assaulted while in college. 63% of sexual assaults are not reported to police and only about 2 to 10% of reports are found to be false. In Jon Krakauer’s book: Missoula, Rape and the Justice System in a College Town. Krakauer focuses on the many rapes that occur on the college campus in Missoula. Most of the rapes that happen on college campuses are done by men, but to say all men are rapists is unjust and sexist. Many of the victims of sexual assault know their assailant personally. Allison one of the victims whom story Krakauer mentions in his book. Her assailant was her best friend Beau Donaldson. He was someone she put her life in their hands. She trusted him enough to tell him everything. “Donaldson often referred to Huguet as his “little sister,” and the sentiment was reciprocated”(5). This is just wrong in so many ways. …show more content…

Society teaches people if they dress or act a certain way, they were looking to become a rape victim. Kaitlynn Kelly’s situation like the others started with a party. Since Kelly’s assailant was an alleged rapist he was not considered a criminal, “[A]re disciplinary proceedings rather than criminal proceedings”(94). This is respectable thing the court is doing for Kelly. It would be even better if they could charge the rapist with a crime. According to Kelly’s story suggest Calvin is a suspicious guy. After she was raped her roommate saw the horror, “[W]ith a horrifying look on her face. I then looked over and saw my sheets covered in blood”(73). Calvin sexually assaulted Kaitlynn multiple times and did not stop even when she woke up and told him to. What kind of guy thinks it is okay to have sex with a girl without consent. Experiencing the pain Kaitlynn did that night, she is most likely to suffer from PTSD. Victims should not have to through the struggles Kelly and Kerry went

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