Career Goals

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*In approximately 150 words or less, outline your career goals. Explain why you are pursuing a college education and how this education will help you with your immediate and/or long term career plans.
I plan to major in engineering with a minor in computer science. My academic goal is to receive a master’s degree in this major. I will use my degree to increase efficiency in current technologies to advance healthcare and security. The combination of both majors will allow me to have vast knowledge to further technologies, such as artificial intelligence, allowing for many benefits to society. Moreover, I would like to create new alternatives to treating and diagnosing mental illness, obesity, and more. With this degree, I will have a wide variety
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Please submit an essay of approximately 350 words describing the strategies you have used in the past year, or plan to use in the coming year, to help cut the costs of your college education. How do you intend to finance your education while trying to minimize your debt?:
Attending a four-year university can be expensive, but I am determined to afford my education. Throughout my high school career, I have been apart of over seventeen extracurriculars to become a well-rounded individual, along with obtaining a wide variety of skills that can benefit my post-secondary education and assist in affording it. Along with activities, I am very involved with community service with around ninety hours total. I also strive for all leadership roles in my school and community to assist others. These experiences allow me to apply for a wide range of scholarships and honors programs. Since my junior year, I have been applying for scholarships to the best of my abilities and will continue throughout college. I apply for specific, local, to even national scholarships. Furthermore, I work full-time during the summer and plan to work part-time during my college. Along with working, I will do work study through my university, which will go directly towards decreasing the cost of tuition. Moreover, I plan to rent all textbooks for very cheap using Half Priced Books and other websites, like Chegg or Amazon. Along with this, I plan to be in the least expensive dorms and become a Resident Assistant to eliminate the cost of room and board. Further, I will not have a meal plan and instead, budget groceries. In total, education can be expensive, but I strive to obtain my degree with minimal
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