Authentic Thinking Analysis

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World War 2, the name alone can bring dates, names and locations flooding into the mind at a moments notice. Yet if asked why did we invade Normandy of all places, what was Simo Hayha's motivation, what was the significance of Stalin's order no. 227 could students answer the question? Many believe our college education is on the rise as of recent years. After a careful examination college education is heading downhill because of colleges adapting a banking approach to their lessons and college consumerism. Colleges are doing their best to teach students right? Sadly that is not the case and its not entirely colleges fault, the fault also rests on the schools the student went to. Schools are adapting to a style of education that is in turn…show more content…
There is a way for colleges deliver a education worth all the money that students spend. Teachers can start adapting what is called the problem-posing approach to education. This approach focuses on promoting authentic thinking. Which means using certain teaching methods to aid in teaching on a more advanced level. Freire, Edmundson, and Lombardi discuss this method in their individual works. Authentic thinking focuses on critical thinking and creating dialogue between student and teacher in a realistic setting. As Freire says “ Authentic thinking, thinking that is concerned about reality, does not take place in ivory tower isolation, but only in communication.” ( Freire, para. 21) Authentic thinking works towards teaching lessons to real world applications. Edmunson says something similar “Teachers who really do confront students, who provide significant challenges to what they believe, can be very successful,” ( Edmundson, para 37) this means that teachers who introduce methods that challenge the students can actually teach them on a on a more critical level. “ By confronting students with uncertainty, ambiguity, and conflicting perspectives, instructors help them develop more mature mental models that coincide with the problem-solving approaches used by experts.” ( Lombardi, pg. 10) Each of these people tell how authentic thinking can be helpful and work towards teaching students on a more detailed level. While this only works if the teacher in question knows what they are
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